LIRIK profile image


Streamer Info

  • Real name: Saqib Zahid
  • Birthday: October 29, 1990 (age 31)
  • Started Streaming:
  • Last seen: N/A
  • Hours Live: N/A
  • Streaming Platform: Twitch
  • Team: Twitch

Streaming Time

  • Sunday: 19:00 IST - 02:00 IST
  • Monday: 19:00 IST - 02:00 IST
  • Tuesday: 19:00 IST - 02:00 IST
  • Wednesday: 19:00 IST - 02:00 IST
  • Thursday: N/A
  • Friday: 19:00 IST - 02:00 IST
  • Saturday: 19:00 IST - 02:00 IST

Streaming & Gaming PC Specs

Gaming PC

  • OS: Gaming PC
  • Motherboard: Windows 10
  • GPU: Intel Core i7 6700K
  • RAM: N/A
  • Case: N/A
  • HDD/SSD: N/A
  • Power Supply: Samsung 960 EVO
  • Fans: N/A
  • Liquid Cooling: N/A

Streaming Equipment

  • Camera: N/A
  • Webcam: N/A
  • Studio Light: N/A
  • Lighting Kit: N/A
  • USB Hub: N/A
  • Arm: N/A
  • Microphone: Audio-Technica AT2020
  • Control Panel: N/A
  • Amplifier: N/A
  • Chair: N/A

Gaming Setup & Gear

  • Monitor: N/A
  • Headset: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x
  • Keyboard: HyperX Alloy Elite RGB
  • Mouse: HyperX Pulsefire FPS
  • Mousepad: HyperX Fury S

Video Settings

General Settings

  • Resolution: N/A
  • FOV: N/A
  • Render Scale: N/A
  • Refresh Rate: N/A

Mouse Settings

General Settings

  • DPI: N/A
  • Hz: N/A
  • Sensitivity X: N/A
  • Sensitivity Y: N/A
  • Targeting Sensitivity: N/A
  • Scope Sensitivity: N/A

LIRIK Biography

Lirik was born on October 29, 1990 in Germany but he would eventually move to Boston, Massachusetts. Zahid’s unique and engaging personality helped him become one of the most watched variety channels on Twitch with 2.4 million followers.

Lirik is a very private streamer who has not shared much about his personal life. However, it is known that he grew up in a family with economic difficulties and decided to pursue his dream of becoming a professional streamer. His Twitch career begins with World of Warcraft which would be his first main game, but he eventually switched over to DayZ. The switch to DayZ would help Lirik’s channel grow immensely and is often linked to the success of his channel along with his entertaining personality. After DayZ Lirik would switch his main game numerous times until he no longer had a main game. He would often play newly released games but also did reaction content on his channel. Lirik now even let’s his chat vote for what game he plays. The success of his channel is heavily dependent upon his engagement with his chat because he is really the only big streamer who doesn’t use a webcam. So, he relies on his voice alone when entertaining and engaging with his chat. However, in 2013 Lirik accidentally turned on his webcam during stream and showed his face. Since that incident he has been much more open about his appearance but still continues to stream without a face cam.

Very little is known about Lirik’s personal life except for that he currently lives in Watertown, Massachusetts.