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Streamer Info

  • Real name: Martin Öjes Kenny Eklund Robert Ohlén
  • Birthday: May 19, 1994 (age 28)
  • Started Streaming:
  • Last seen: 7 minutes ago
  • Hours Live: 674
  • Streaming Platform: Twitch
  • Team: Twitch

Streaming Time

  • Sunday: usually streams all day
  • Monday: usually streams all day
  • Tuesday: usually streams all day
  • Wednesday: usually streams all day
  • Thursday: usually streams all day
  • Friday: usually streams all day
  • Saturday: usually streams all day

Streaming & Gaming PC Specs

Streaming Equipment

  • Camera:
  • Webcam:
  • Studio Light:
  • Lighting Kit:
  • USB Hub:
  • Arm:
  • Microphone:
  • Control Panel:
  • Amplifier:
  • Chair:

Gaming Setup & Gear

  • Monitor:
  • Headset:
  • Keyboard:
  • Mouse:
  • Mousepad:

DreamHackCS Biography

DreamHack is a Swedish production company specializing in esports tournaments and other gaming conventions. It is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records and Twin Galaxies as being the world’s largest LAN party and computer festival with the world’s fastest Internet connection, and the most generated traffic. The Internet connection record was beaten in 2012 by the second largest computer festival in the world, The Gathering in Norway. Since 2015, it is part of digital entertainment company Modern Times Group. It usually holds its events in Western Europe and North America