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Streamer Info

  • Real name: Andrés López
  • Birthday: May 14, 1999 (age 23)
  • Started Streaming:
  • Last seen: N/A
  • Hours Live: N/A
  • Streaming Platform: Mixer
  • Team: Mixer

Streaming Time

  • Sunday:
  • Monday:
  • Tuesday:
  • Wednesday:
  • Thursday:
  • Friday:
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Streaming & Gaming PC Specs

Streaming Equipment

  • Camera:
  • Webcam:
  • Studio Light:
  • Lighting Kit:
  • USB Hub:
  • Arm:
  • Microphone:
  • Control Panel:
  • Amplifier:
  • Chair:

Gaming Setup & Gear

  • Monitor:
  • Headset:
  • Keyboard:
  • Mouse:
  • Mousepad:

Ampeterby7 Biography

Andrés López , better known as Ampeterby7 , is a Spanish Youtuber born in Mallorca on May 14, 1999. He mainly uploads Fortnite gameplays. Previously, he was uploading gameplays from the Call Of Duty saga and in early 2013 he started uploading videos from GTA V, as he saw that it took half an hour to load the Online mode, he decided to upload the saga previously mentioned. A channel was created in early 2012. Ampeter was grabbing a trust on YouTube . Towards the videos not commented only with music and without sound but from a very young age he thought that one day he would become famous on YouTube, he was meeting Youtubers from TheGrefg to his colleagues called AlphaSniper97 , Goorgo and his friendAgustin51 . Currently living in Andorra, it has been said that he has a pet, only that his name and identity are unknown. Currently he has almost 1 million subscribers, he has recorded more than 400 videos since his channel was created, uploading almost 1 video in a period of three days and the reason for this is that he studied and had no time to upload as many videos. His publication or video became popular in a Bottle Challenge accompanied by his friends or colleagues from a very young age.