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Streamer Info

  • Real name: Yuta Seki
  • Birthday: May 6, 1990 (age 32)
  • Started Streaming: Nov 2, 2013
  • Last seen: an hour ago
  • Hours Live: 175
  • Streaming Platform: Twitch
  • Team: Twitch

Streaming Time

  • Sunday: 9:00 UTC - 16:00 UTC
  • Monday: 11:00 UTC - 15:00 UTC
  • Tuesday: 9:00 UTC - 15:00 UTC
  • Wednesday: 9:00 UTC - 15:00 UTC
  • Thursday: 10:00 UTC - 14:00 UTC
  • Friday: 9:00 UTC - 15:00 UTC
  • Saturday: 7:00 UTC - 16:00 UTC

Streaming & Gaming PC Specs

Streaming Equipment

  • Camera:
  • Webcam:
  • Studio Light:
  • Lighting Kit:
  • USB Hub:
  • Arm:
  • Microphone:
  • Control Panel:
  • Amplifier:
  • Chair: DXRacer Valkyrie

Gaming Setup & Gear

  • Monitor:
  • Headset: SHURE イヤホン SE215 Special Edition
  • Keyboard: Logicool G G913 GL
  • Mouse: Logicool G GPRO Hero
  • Mousepad: Logicool G640

stylishnoob4 Biography

Yuta Seki ( Yuta Seki , May 6, 1990- ) is a former professional gamer and Twitch streamer from Inazawa City , Aichi Prefecture .

The origin of the player name Stylish Noob is noob (beginner), but if it is stylish, it is cool. With the exquisite talk technique that attracts people and the kindness of the mind that thinks of the audience, the PUBG retirement declaration distribution attracted many people’s tears. As mentioned earlier, he is a streamer loved by viewers.

In the return distribution of PUBG on August 17, 2018, he took the responsibility of the past retirement declaration that he will return at the end despite saying that he will retire PUBG, and cut his head.

He has been stupid by viewers, such as “Yinkya” and “Shabu”, but he was so powerful that he was mistaken for a BF4 (BattleField4) cheetah in the past. In this case, BFJC (BattleField JapanCommunity) suggested that Stylishnoob check his actual play at home and verify that he is using cheats. Stylishnoob acknowledged this and was able to verify his home. Legend has it that when he came to his home he gave the witness a pie fruit. Upon verification, it was confirmed that StylishNoob was not a cheetah. And in the BF4 world, it was called “cheetah level strength.”

With reflexes away from normal people and high spatial recognition ability, while many top players in FPS and TPS use AIM technology as weapons, they can instantly grasp the position of the enemy from the first shot situation, A rare player who boasts a unique play style, such as turning around and shooting, accurately determining the position of the enemy from invisibility based on sound and situation.