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Streamer Info

  • Real name: Craig Douglas
  • Birthday: October 31, 1984 (age 37)
  • Started Streaming:
  • Last seen: 12 hours ago
  • Hours Live: N/A
  • Streaming Platform: Mixer
  • Team: Mixer

Streaming Time

  • Sunday:
  • Monday:
  • Tuesday:
  • Wednesday:
  • Thursday:
  • Friday:
  • Saturday:

Streaming & Gaming PC Specs

Streaming Equipment

  • Camera:
  • Webcam:
  • Studio Light:
  • Lighting Kit:
  • USB Hub:
  • Arm:
  • Microphone:
  • Control Panel:
  • Amplifier:
  • Chair:

Gaming Setup & Gear

  • Monitor:
  • Headset:
  • Keyboard:
  • Mouse:
  • Mousepad:

NepentheZ Biography

Craig Douglas (born October 31, 1984 [age 35]), mostly known as NepentheZ is a YouTuber and associate of the Sidemen. He often collaborates with them in YouTube videos. He posts FIFA and real-life videos and has over 1.8 million subscribers. NepentheZ has a girlfriend and a daughter named Grace. His real name is Craig Douglas, and he is a British YouTuber mainly known for making videos of the video game series “FIFA”.

NepentheZ has made collaborations with larger YouTube channels like Calfreezy and KSI. He participated in the Wembley Cup with Spencer FC, as well as a Sidemen charity football match. He also streams on Twitch and has a very large following.